Clay Things: Centering M.C. Richards

Clay Things: Centering M.C. Richards, Clay, Ceramics, Furniture, Apron, Plants, Paper, Wood, 120″x240″x240″, 2017

portfolio 19

portfolio 18

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Clay Things: Centering M.C. Richards was a performance/happening I did in collaboration with Alex Ferrante.  We were exploring the ideas of Buckminster Fuller, John Cage, and M.C. Richards, three great fixtures of Black Mountain College. We each made ceramic objects based on prompts from words we found on a flier for one of M.C. Richards’ sales.  We then built a geodesic dome according to Fuller’s design, and use Cages ideas of chance operations to determine how our class would build the dome and place all the objects in it. We wanted to literally and figuratively center M.C. Richards and her contribution to the Black Mountain College legacy.


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