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I am particularly interested in the Sol Lewitt article we read this week.  I have been a fan of Sol Lewitt’s work for a very long time.  I was first drawn to it visually in the geometry, color and scale, and I liked it more once I learned about some of the concepts behind it.  I love math, so I love his pieces that directly address a problem of geometry, permutations, or counting.  I also resonate with the ideas of problem solving and following basic rules to an end.  These are ideas that I am often exploring in my own work and it is also what fascinates me about math.  The idea that by defining a few basic rules, an entire field of mathematics can emerge. I try to employ the same philosophy when I make as Lewitt, who says to, “Select the basic form and rules that would govern the solution of the problem.”

While I agree with almost all of what Lewitt says in “Paragraphs in Conceptual Art”, I disagree when he says that the idea is the most important part.  I am very interested in the physical product of my work.  Many of the ideas I am working with right now have to do with math, and I have already spent many years studying them. I want to engage with these ideas in a different way.  This is where I can see some of the ideas of Deleuze becoming relevant to my work.  I do not claim to fully understand Deleuze’s ideas about becoming, but I am interested in the power of art to bridge a gap between two things, or maybe not bridge the gap but exist in the space between two things.  The way I am understanding the idea of becoming is that it is a resonance between things that cannot be fully explained by either of those things.  I am interested in exploring the ideas of math through my art because I would like to access something that I was not finding when only studying math.

Here are a couple of pictures of some Klein Bottles I’ve made.

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